Top Amenities For Short Term Rentals in the Flathead

Aug 4, 2022

Did you know it’s the amenities you provide for your stay that boost your occupancy more than your aesthetic décor? The Flathead Valley is considered a top rural mountain destination and is one of the most traveled destinations over the past few years. Don’t miss out on earning potential by not offering what guests are searching for. These are the top amenities in our area to ensure the highest earning potential on your rental property:

  1. Allowing Pets – places that provide pet-friendly stays can charge higher rates and caters to a large group of guests.
  2. Hot Tubs – the biggest boost in rental rates and occupancy with hot tubs is seen in mountain towns.
  3. Fireplaces – this is a unique amenity in our area specifically being a mountain destination.
  4. Washer & Dryer – it may seem like a minimal amenity, but it draws guests in who are looking for longer stays.
  5. A Fully Stocked Kitchen – this allows guests to save money on their vacation by cooking meals in.
  6. A Designated Workspace – now that more and more people can work on the go this amenity provides the space they need.
  7. Private Patio/Outdoor Area – renters love to have a sense of privacy to allow them to fully enjoy the property. Boost the space even more by providing a grill.

These top amenities are not something every vacation rental can provide but start by considering the ones you are able to add. You can always start small and work your way to the next. Stow away a portion of your earnings each month and invest back into your space to achieve the highest rental potential.